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The Morning - The Weekend. xo
Window Out Pearson Airport on Flickr.
Some Graffiti Under A Bridge on Flickr.
Broken Fence on Flickr.
Lookout In Bronte Creek on Flickr.
Down The River on Flickr.
Lake Ontario on Flickr.
This is a re-edit of one of my pictures, of Lake Ontario.
Cloudsies on Flickr.
Leviathan on Flickr.
Leviathan At Canada’s Wonderland.
Canada’s Wonderland on Flickr.
The Mountain In The Middle Of Canada’s Wonderland.

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Stand for Something or Fall for Everything.

Donald. 18. I was indecisive but now I'm not sure. Livin' in Ontario, Canada! I (un)follow back. LIGHTS, Summer, Beaches, Clothes, Skateboarding, Photography, Girls, Selena Gomez.


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