Cigarette company testing on beagles. Enjoy your cancer sticks.

image me at my computer right now. Sicks bitches are sick. Those poor dogs :(

but but they’re just PUPPY DOGS!!!!

cig companies make me sick anyway. this is just disturbing.

I look this up to make sure this was true and it totally was. “In tobacco inhalation experiments, dogs, primates, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, lambs, chickens, rodents and other animals are mutilated, pumped full of nicotine and forced to inhale smoke. Dogs are forced to inhale cigarette smoke on mechanical ventilators. In one experiment, researchers cut holes in the throats of beagles’ and forced them to breathe concentrated cigarette smoke for an entire year. Other tests have involved inserting electrodes into dogs’ penises to measure the effect of cigarette smoke on sexual performance. Masks are strapped on to the faces of rats and mice while cigarette smoke is pumped directly into noses. Rhesus monkeys are confined to chairs with head devices, while being exposed to nicotine and caffeine to study effects on breathing.” 

It seriously just keeps going on about what they did. That’s just a small sampling of the testing tobacco companies used to try to prove that their cigarettes were safe for human use.

If you happen to be somebody who smokes. Try to find a way to quit. Just about everything that can go wrong in your body is made worse by smoking. Just like trying to do anything healthy for you body. It’s going to be hard to change that. But know just as you have support for losing weight, or fighting eating disorders, there is also the same support for you to quit smoking here on tumblr.

I’m never smoking a cigarette ever again. If my own health weren’t enough to convince me, THIS IS. I only smoke when I drink but I won’t do that anymore simply because this is one of the most horrid things I’ve ever learned. I hope the image of a beagle with a hole in it’s throat pops into the brains of every person that reads this the next time they light up.
Enjoy your cigarettes, assholes.

omg :’c 

Whaaat! This is crazy!


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    This is definitely evil intent and treatment to defenseless animals, which is infuriating and saddening. BUT, there’s...
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